We designed the website for France-based Brazilian artist Dalva Duarte, which you can see HERE. In collaboration with the Verstärker Agency from Hamburg, photographer Kristina Steiner and the writer Tanja Langer, we have conceptualized and designed a modern and responsive Homepage.

Our services include consultation regarding the concept development and the visual design of artist’s website that includes a selection of artworks as well as corresponding analytical or descriptive texts. For design and technical support you will be paired with our professional partners. Thanks to the responsive web designs all forms of content can be optimized for mobile and tablet viewing. In addition, we offer management services for your website including the integration of new material and search engine optimization. Of course, we will be more than glad to update your existing website.

Further Projects

Reproduktion Fine Art


We offer high- quality photographic reproductions of paintings and artworks using innovative photographic equipment for a perfect recording of the brush strokes and fine details on the surface of artwork.

Peer Oliver Nau Portfolio

Portfolio for Peer Oliver Nau

In preparation for a demanding application process, art objective supported the German sculptor Peer Oliver Nau in conceiving and designing his portfolio. Presented was a selection of the artist’s works, placing his work visually and textually in the foreground. Planned art projects were outlined and certain stages in the artist’s career were highlighted in a short CV. The application has been deemed successful by the Commision of the International Art Exhibition NordArt.


For exhibitions and cultural events, art objective conceives aesthetically engaging flyers, info brochures, and quickly sends you an offer with no obligations.

Barbara Egin – Newsletter

newsletter for Barbara Egin

For the German painter and photographer, Barbara Egin, art objective conceived a quarterly Newsletter that is distributed to a large network. After discussing the artist’s wishes, we developed a visual and conceptual proposal that art historically presents selected works, lists participation in current art fairs and exhibition history of the artist.