Touring exhibition from Inger-Kristina Wegener
Current location: State Parliament of Schleswig-Holstein and Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection of Berlin

art objective supported the artist and lawyer Inger-Kristina Wegener with the installation and take-down of her politically engaged exhibition, “Monster. Art. Children. Rights”. The exhibited ‘monster-images’ are the visual counterparts to the 41 articles from the Childrens’ Rights Convention and translate them into a language appropriate for children. The exhibition was opened by the Minister for Justice and Consumer Protection, Heiko Maas, in the Federal Ministry of Justice Berlin. The first station of the exhibition was held at the State Parliamentof Schleswig-Holsteinische in Kiel. Forthcoming exhibition locations outside of Germany are being planned.

Our partners in implementing this project are the Hamburger Agency Verstärker, the photographer Kristina Steiner and the Center for Political Education (SH). The accompanying catalogue was designed by Nils Poppe and Lotta Meyer.

You can find the catalogue online here.

Further Projects

Mongolische Ger

Anniversary: 40 Years of German-Mongolian Relations

By invitation from the Mongolian Embassy, Berlin, art objective in collaboration with Villa Kult, Berlin, and Art & Media Project Management organized a three-day cultural and charity event that included an art exhibition, music concerts, dance performances, Mongolian catering, and an art auction.