Anniversary: 40 Years of German-Mongolian Relations

Curator and Eventmanagement: Katja Vedder

By invitation from the Mongolian Embassy, Berlin, art objective, in collaboration with Villa Kult, Berlin, and Art & Media Project Management, organized a three-day cultural and charity event that included an art exhibition, music concerts, dance performances, Mongolian catering, and an art auction. Katja Vedder conceived the exhibition concept, was the communications and coordination officer for all collaborating partners, was the public representative on-site all three days and guided the numerous guests every evening, informing them on the themes of contemporary Mongolian culture.

Further Projects

Poster zur Ausstellung Monster.Kunst.Kinder.Rechte im Bundesjustizministerium Berlin


Art objective assisted artist and lawyer, Inger-Kristina Wegener, with installing and taking-down her politically engaged touring exhibition “Monster. Art. Children. Rights”. The exhibited ‘monster-images’ are the visual counterparts to the 41 articles from the Childrens’ Rights Convention and translate them into a language appropriate for children.