assistenz für künstler

Aus der Überzeugung heraus, dass KünstlerInnen mehr Zeit zum Kunstschaffen als für logistische Fragen haben sollen, beraten wir sie gerne bezüglich Ausstellungen und Messeauftritte. In enger Zusammenarbeit mit den Kunstschaffenden setzen wir uns mit den Kunstwerken auseinander und bieten Homepageaktualisierung, Konzeptschreibung, Organisation von Kunsttransport, Hängung bzw. Installation der Werke. Dabei legen wir sehr großen Wert auf intensive Kommunikation und gegenseitiges Vertrauen.

Für ein unverbindliches Erstgespräch können Sie uns jederzeit gerne kontaktieren.

Further Projects

art analysis

art objective produces criticism of various forms: for catalogues, websites, newsletters and press texts and offers editing for existing texts. The artist’s techniques, intentions and art historical contextualization will be emphasized, creating connections between his/her works and current social discourse.

indexes of works and cataloging

With our expertise and using appropriate software we can help you to professionally and clearly catalogue your artworks. To make your database accessible when needed, images are allocated with descriptive key phrases, arranged chronologically and ordered by other image-characterizing methods.

Vortrag von Daniel Opitz | Ocean Mind Foundation

art and artists talk

As part of the exhibition “Tension Test. OCEAN CONTEMPORARY #1” at the GEDOK Gallery Berlin we spoke with art historian Prof. Dr. Ingeborg Reichle on the subject of marine plastic pollution in contemporary art and with filmmaker Daniel Opitz from the OCEAN MIND FOUNDATION, Kiel, about his project “Whales in Mind”.

Faltblatt zur Ausstellung | Design by Nils Poppe

media design

Graphically and content-wise, we offer aesthetically engaging solutions for the design of your portfolio, application, newsletter and homepage. For your upcoming exhibitions and events, we conceive appropriate flyers, brochures and info guides and bring you into contact with our in-house graphic designers, Alina Hoyer and Nils Poppe. We can also manage or advise you on your social media platforms for specific project and events or long-term media presence.

Dr. Ana Karaminova und Katja Vedder

exhibition and event management

We advise you in every step of the exhibition making process from the initial ideas for a concept to searching for a suitable exhibition location or the acquisition of required technology. We also assist with installing works and are dependable representatives, making ourselves available to answer all question on-site.