Modern Mongolian Art

Group Exhibition: “Modern Painting from Mongolia”
Curated by Katja Vedder and Renate Roginas
27.11.14-08.01.15 | VILLA KULT-Berlin

By invitation from the Mongolian Embassy, Berlin, on occasion of the 40th Anniversary of diplomatic relations between Germany and Mongolia, art objective in collaboration with Renate Roginas, Oyuntuya Oyunjargal, Arts & Media Project Management, organized an exhibition with an extensive cultural program in the Villa Kult.

A selection from the private collection of the Mongolian Ambassador was on display. In addition, the works of the living Mongolian artists OTGO and Gan-Erdene Tsend who live in Germany, were shown.

During the opening days, the Mongolian band HOSOO performed traditional throat singing (Höömii) for the invited guests, giving them a musical impression of the infinitely vast steppes of Mongolia.

Further Projects

Vernissage Contemporary Mongolian Art | Otgo (Artist), Katja Vedder (art objective), Oyuna Oyunchimeg Badarch (Botschaft Mongolei) | Clea Elle (Galerie BLAUE STUNDE)

Contemporary Mongolian Art

In cooperation with the Galerie Blaue Stunde Berlin art objective presents four Mongolian contemporary artists.
Artworks by renowned Mongolian artists Otgo and Gan- Erdene Tsend, who live in Germany, were shown alongside of the works by Batbaatar and Bayarbaatar, which were kindly lend by the private collection of Oyuna Oyunchimeg Badarch ( Mongolian Embassy Berlin).


Im Auftrag des Vereins Kunstbrücke Lankwitz e.V. Berlin konzipiert art objective die Ausstellung “Unrast”. Das Konzept wurde von der Kommission des KUNSTQUARTIER BETHANIEN Berlin als erfolgreich begutachtet.

Fluchten_ Escapes


On the occasion of the European Month of Photography in Berlin 2014, art objective conceived the concept for the group exhibition “Escape” for GEDOK-Galerie Berlin. Based on the ubiquitous phenomenon of escape, the participating artists offered various photo-based and video works on the subject and focused on the political and psychological dimensions of the concept.


Katja Vedder hat als Kuratorin, den als Wanderausstellung konzipierten Teil des Projektes in Berlin umgesetzt. Die Digitalgrafiken wurden neu produziert und zu verschiedenen Veranstaltungen im Haus der Demokratie und Menschenrechte Berlin sowie der Mongolischen Botschaft ausgestellt.